Rethinking the Bible

I call myself a recovering Catholic.
-Jim James

Like Jim, I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where you can find a church on almost every corner.  I attended Catholic schools for over ten years, and Christianity was not only the right way, but the only way.  Schoolteachers and priests constantly cherry-picked verses from the Bible to justify whatever lessons were in store for the day, and I developed a very narrow understanding of Christianity.

This website explores some of the stories that were overlooked throughout my education and have ultimately led me to take the Bible for what it is – the longest book most Christians have never read, full of some nice teachings, but full of some extreme ones, too.  Unfortunately, it’s many of the not-so-nice stories in the Bible that have been used by powerful players throughout history to harm their fellow humankind.

Here’s to hoping that more people will stop using the Bible to justify discrimination, war, death, and the denial of basic rights to other human beings.